January 2023 Newsletter


Newest Outdoor Court in CDA 

Yes, we do have a brand new outdoor court in town.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that it's in a gated section of CDA Place.  Greenstone builders is the developer and it's located at Ramsey and W. Wilbur.  So if you just have to have a court in your neighborhood you'll have to buy there, or make some friends with the residents.

January 2 Social

Lots of fun and food at the annual Boys and Girls club social. Thanks to all that helped organize and make it happen.

January Selkirk Paddle Giveaway

Thanks to our sponsor, Selkirk Sports. They will be giving away a new PowerAir paddle to a lucky Inland Northwest Club member. Make sure your membership is up to date. Random member picked on 1/31.

Rule Changes for 2023

Two main rule changes are in effect now. One is that you can be asked to change your shirt if the color blends in with the ball. The other big one is that you cannot add extra spin on the ball with your free hand on the serve. This applies to both the volley serve and the drop serve. In the long term, there seems to be more interest in moving to rally scoring but it looks like that will be a multi-year gradual process.

Support Your Club

Open the Amazon Shopping app. Go to "Settings." Tap "Amazon Smile" and follow the instructions to complete the activations. Select "Inland Northwest Pickleball Club" as your charity. You will have access to everything on the normal Amazon site, the difference being that 0.5% of your purchases will be sent to INWPC.

Coaching Corner

Every game starts out with the serve. How important is it? Very. Stats show that pros rarely miss their serve - less than 1%. So while a deep fast serve is good to set up a weak return, the most important thing is to get the serve in. Many of the pros even do fairly modest paced serve, but they rarely miss.


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