July 2023 Newsletter


CDA Classic Tournament

Our biggest event of the year is happening this month starting on the 13th. Volunteers are still need.  Support your club by helping out as little or as much as you can. Email inwpcvolunteer@gmail.com  for information. 

July 4th Parade

Come see your club in the annual July 4th parade.  Cheer us on as this tradition continues.  We gain a lot of visibility and have a lot of fun.   


  1. How did the pickleball player describe their skills? "I may not be a big "dill," but I can sure make a sweet "pickle" shot!"
  2. What do you call a woman standing in the middle of a pickleball court?


  3. Did you hear about the pickleball player who called his serve a “Dairy Queen”?

    Yes, it was a soft serve.


    New paddles from established companies and new paddle companies continue to come on the scene. 

    While there are multiple factors that go into selecting a paddle, they all boil down to what is right for you in your current stage of the game.

    Remember that the local company, Selkirk, has a pro shop in Hayden that you can get demo paddles to try out to find what works for you. 

    Club members have a couple of sources with discount codes.  See the members only page at https://inwpc.com/Members-only-content/

    Coaching Corner

    Shot selection in the game hinges on whether you are in an offensive, defensive, or neutral position.  Anytime you are making contact with the ball at your knee level or lower, you are in a defensive position.  The same is true if you are out of position or off balance. You're best choice is usually a neutral/reset shot choice. Just keep the ball in play.  If you can make contact with the ball at the net level or above, you can go into full offense attack mode. 


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