February 2023 Newsletter


Round Robin 2023 

The round robin 2023 information is now up on the website.  Check out the details at: https://inwpc.com/Rotational-Play/Round-Robins/

New Board Members 

New board members were installed in January.  The full board is now:

Craig Woolf - President
David Shahrabani - Vice-President
Sharon Pocock - Treasurer
  Ben Jamison - Secretary

Steve Flory - Director-at-Large
Meg Morgan - Director-at-Large

Gina Bodtker - Director-at-Large

Members Only

Check out the members only page at: https://inwpc.com/Members-only-content/

You'll have to login first.  It has the lockbox codes, and discount/promo codes for gear. 

January Selkirk Paddle Winner

Congratulations to the winner Lori Neddermann.  Thanks to our sponsor, Selkirk Sports, Lori will be getting a new PowerAir paddle. See this month's giveaway below.

AI and Pickleball

The big tech thing now is artificial intelligence. Here are a few things you can do with it related to pickleball:

The image on the right is pickleball inspired art.

The limericks below were written by AI:

With a paddle in hand and a smile on my face,
I hit the pickleball all over the place.
It bounces and flies, with a satisfying sound,
Until it lands on the opponent's side of the ground.


With a net in between and a ball in the air,
Pickleball players, they're everywhere.
With dinks and volleys, they play the game,
A sport that's easy to learn, yet hard to tame.

It took longer to type out the request than it took for AI to complete all of this.

February Giveaway

The club is giving away a Levelup backpack for February. Make sure your membership is up to date. Random member picked on 2/27.

Coaching Corner

"Why do we spend so much time learning dinking when we hardly ever use it in games?" 

You hear that a lot from beginners.  The fact is that at the pro level about 45% of the time in each point on average is spent dinking. The points just last longer because of fewer unforced errors and the players are patiently wait for a high percentage opportunity to attack.  So to be competitive at higher levels, you'll need consistent dinking skills. 


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