August 2023 Newsletter


CDA Classic Tournament

Another outstanding success with the largest crowd ever.  Pictures are posted here:

Contact us if you have more pictures to share.

Cruising with Pickleball

A number of cruise lines are installing pickleball courts on their ships.

One personal experience:

Upside: pickleball!  

Downside: Surface is paint over steel-super slippery. High winds. Court wasn't regulation size.

Serving Jokes

  1. Why was the club's website down?They had problems with their server.
  2. A pickleball walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Have you been served?”
  3. If you wanted a soft serve, you should have gone to Dairy Queen.

    Northshire Courts 

    Northshire Park is having a lot of problems with the lock box and nets. PLEASE make sure nets are put away and the box is locked. One of the permanent  nets was broken and we brought another temporary net that can be set up to replace the net until the city can get a replacement. These are club nets that all members are responsible to take care of and put away. The lock box has water in it from being left open. PLEASE take care of our nets. 

    Coaching Corner

    There are a couple of ways to deal with bangers.  One is to be on the alert for out balls.  Bend your knees a bit more so that you are lower and thus more aware of high balls that may be going out. The other thing is to have a solid forehand and backhand punch volley.  Use the pace of the ball to punch it back down to the banger's feet.


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